Tea stories charity pop-up shop

Maybe you never see stray animals in the Netherlands. However, this issue in southern Europe is much more serious. Stray animals were abandoned for various reasons, or they lost their way. If they do not get help from us in time, they may continue wandering on the streets, living in a poor condition, and even being abused.

Stichting Wereldhonden is a stray dog saving organization. Their volunteers work together with animal shelters in southern Europe, helping stray animals to find new adopters in the Netherlands. Some animals in shelters cannot travel to the Netherlands because they are old, sick, or for other reasons. Long distance adoption is a better way to help them. 

Due to the epidemic this year, donations from tourists got a sharp drop, which has a certain impact on the lives of animals.  We decided that all the profit of our pop-up flower shop will be donated to Stiching Wereldhonden, to help them out of difficulties.

Tea stories is a tea shop located in Eindhoven Strijp-S area. The owner Lucia is an Italian girl who has a passion for tea culture. Together with tea sotires, we had  successfully held a dried-flower workshop together this summer.

On November 21st and 22nd, we will prepare a mini pop-up flower shop in Tea Stories. You can come to the store, choose the flowers you like. You can also order surprise bouquets through the online takeaway platform. We have two types of surprise bouquets for you: 15€ for large ones and 10€ for medium ones. The bouquets will be selected and designed by our florists. Our flowers are fresh and of top quality.

large bouquet

Surprise bouquet (large)

Surprise bouquet (midium)

【Ordering Methods】

  1. Come to tea stories, choose your favorite flowers, and our florist will help you make a bouquet.
  2. Online surprise bouquets, order and deliver them together with other products from tea stories


Address: Tea stories, Yski Expo, Torenallee 22-40, 5617 BD Eindhoven

Date: November 21, 2020-November 22, 2020

Come to Tea Stories on November 21 and 22 and together with us help stray animals!

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